Best Mouse Click Speed Test Software For Windows 10

You may have a problem with your mouse. And maybe you cannot figure out whether the problem is related to the hardware or the software you are using. Tracking your mouse click speed is a simple thing with CPS Checker.

And of course, for that purpose, you will need the best possible software available for testing the speed of your mouse click.

These can help you check if all your mouse buttons are working, if your mouse has an appropriate click speed, if your mouse is moving correctly, and also if your mouse is scrolling correctly. Then you can take action accordingly without spending a lot of money on the technicians.

Three of the best Software available for testing the mouse click speed

The first one is finger click test software, which counts the number of clicks in a given number of seconds, while another software is speed test software shows your speed testing and mouse click.

  • Finger-Click

Finger-click is a handy software that you can use to test Mouse click speed. By pressing your mouse key, you need to click as many times as you can in 10 seconds.

Now you will see a START button. When you press the start key, you will see a click button then you are supposed to click on that button for about 10 seconds.

The moment you start clicking on the button there will be a countdown timer that will start and the number of clicks will be visible.

When the timer and, you will see the number of times you clicked in the 10 seconds.

Once you press the start button, a click button will appear. Now, 10 seconds will start running as soon as you click on that particular button.

  • Speed-Tester

Speed test is another software that you can use to test the mouse click speed on your Windows 10. It can check the mouse click speed for only one single click.

Along with that, you need to download the zip file of this software, extract it, and run the index.html file on the browser.

However, it may be possible that you see some block On its interface. You are supposed to click that block as fast as you can, when you click that box it will record the speed of the mouse click.

Now, some random boxes will appear in different positions with different colors. You will again need to click that box as fast as possible.

Here, the software allows you to show the best click based on the lowest time and the last click.

  • Click Speed Test Online

The CPS Test is a method of determining how many clicks you make per second. The number of clicks per second or the CPS, that is, is in simple words, the magnitude of clicks to a time unit, which in this case, refers to seconds.

It simply means that the better the score, the higher the rate of clicks per second. The CPS Test is a free click per the second test that determines your mouse clicking speed over a set period.

You can go online and look for the CPS test. It does not require you to download any software on your pc or laptop. You can directly test the speed of your mouse click online.

It instantly gives you your score, which in turn gives you your speed. That is a very absolute and practical method.


We have discussed the best software for measuring mouse click speed for Windows 10. This CPS checker allows you to check your mouse click speed or whether your mouse is working well or not. These two testers can check the mouse click within 10 seconds.

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